Pre School Portable Basin

Pre School Portable Basin

A pre-school portable basin comes with many benefits and they are cost effective enough to be used in most pre-schools. These items were made with children in mind so they are not only small enough to be used by children but they also come with important safety benefits.

A Basin Designed for a Child

A pre-school portable basin is usually about 29” tall and this puts them at the perfect height for children. The basins are also usually made from sturdy and easy-to-clean materials so that you don’t need to worry about spills or dirt damaging the item.

One of the best features of a pre-school portable basin is the lock-up cupboards that come with the item. By locking up the cabinets, you can store all of your cleaning agents within the item without worrying about your children getting hold of them and harming themselves.

Purchasing a Pre-school Portable Basin

These items can be purchased where average portable basins are sold and you can also purchase them from retailers that specialize in items for children. The Child Care Catalogue is a great place to find these items and have them delivered to your door. When looking through the Child Care Catalogue, you will be able to purchase items such as the Lil Premier Pre-school Portable Sink that sells for about $1134. This item contains:

  • One sink
  • A lockup cupboard


The Kiddie Changing Station and Portable Sink can be purchased for $1697 and it comes with one sink, a changing station and lockup cupboards.

The Benefits of a Pre-school Portable Basin

These items provide many benefits within a schoolroom but one of the most important benefits is the fact that it provides children with a place to wash their hands. Sanitation and cleanliness is very important, especially when it comes to little children because they tend to pick up a lot of germs through their daily routines and this is one of the most effective ways in preventing illnesses from spreading throughout the classroom.

Another benefit of purchasing this type of basin is the fact that you will be able to control the amount of water the children use and this helps to teach them about protecting the environment. Children tend to waste a lot of water if they do not know the dangers of doing so and this will provide you with a great opportunity to inform them of the benefits of saving water.

The lockup cupboards that are provided along with these items are perfect for preschools since children can often be very inquisitive and they might just try to open these cupboards in order to see what is inside them. By ensuring that the cupboards are locked you can prevent them from drinking or spilling dangerous chemicals and putting their health in danger.

A Basin Every Pre-school Should Have

Giving children the opportunity to keep their hands clean, drink clean water and learn about the environment is important and you can do all of this with a pre-school portable basin. Since these items are so commonly available you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on one of them and ensuring the safety of the children within your classroom.




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