Portable Shampoo Basin

Portable Shampoo Basin

There are many reasons that you may need a portable shampoo basin and it is great to know that there are many different designs out there that are specifically intended for certain tasks. As far as price is concerned you will be glad to know that certain models start from as little as $28 and while this is definitely more than a simple plastic wash basin the fact that they have been specifically designed for one intended purpose makes them worth the extra money. Below we take a closer look at some of the different types of portable shampoo basin on the market. Have a look for yourself and see if one of the below models will suit your needs.

Helping the Infirm with a Portable Basin

The Soymedical shampoo basin has been design specifically to aid those who are infirm or bed bound. This nifty little inflatable sink can be place directly under a bed bound patient and used as a sink to wash their hair. The product itself retails for $28.19 and is a steal when you consider how useful it can be. Make from durable vinyl you simply place the portable shampoo basin in the right place, inflate and then shampoo away! There are even a bunch of accessories that you can add such as portable water supplies to make the task even easier.

Portable Basins for Commercial Purposes

The most common job that requires a portable shampoo basin is that of the hairdresser that makes home calls. The good news is that there are several different types of portable shampoo basin designs that you can purchase to make your life easier while away from the salon

The first of these is the salon shampoo sink extension, which is not really a portable shampoo basin but rather an extension that can be clipped onto your clients existing sink to make the job easier. The product retails at $12.50 and is small enough to be carried around with the rest of your equipment. The beauty of its easy assembly is that you can take it with you to any job, any time.

The next option is to use a fully functioning portable shampoo basin. While these models do not always come with a water supply, they are available with:

  • A height adjustable stand
  • Easy moving wheels
  • Built in Waste Catchers


The majority of models in this class retail for around $65 and have some handy little features that make then even more useful on the road.

Above all else the most important part of buying a portable shampoo basin is to ensure that it is designed for the job you have in mind. While the price of such units is not always astronomical it could soon mount up if you have to keep buying them because the one you already have is not fit for the job. your best option is to do some research and make sure you spend the right money first time around.





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