Portable Salon Basin

Portable Salon Basin

The one thing that hair salons have over any other place is those nifty little sinks that cradle your neck while they wash your hair. Obviously installing one of those in your own home, or the home of every customer if you are a travelling hair stylist is not really an option, but what you can do is invest in one of the many models of portable salon basin that are available on the market. These great products are easy to store and move and are often not as pricey as you might assume. Below we take a look at some of the more popular models on the market. Using this information you will be better armed to make a great purchase rather than buying the first product you see and inevitably ending up disappointed.

Choosing the Right Basin

The cheapest portable salon basin you can find is not actually a basin at all, but rather an extension that can be attached to your existing sink and it has benefits that include:

  • A Cheaper Retail Price
  • Smaller Sizes
  • Increased Portability


In short it is simply a piece of high impact plastic that is molded to fit the back of the neck and has a run off Shute on the other end. Not only is this unit highly portable, but with a retail price of around $12.50 it is extremely affordable as well. Size wise it is easy enough to fit into your existing kit bag but is not so bulky that it cannot be carried on its own. For the budget conscious this is the best option and can be bought from many fine retailers.

Choosing Quality Basins

Hitting the middle ground with a product is often a case of losing out on either price or quality, the good news here is that there are plenty of products on the market that are not only reasonably priced but also feature some great quality manufacturing as well! Wimex beauty for example has a range of portable salon basin designs that all retail for around the $70 mark.

Units such as these have features such as portable stands which have wheels and are height adjustable making your life on the road that much easier. Depending on the unit you buy, some will have waste water units on the back which hold a few gallons of water, while others will simply have drainage pipes which will need to be placed in an existing sink or drain. The beauty of the midrange products is that you will have a great selection of products available in your price range.

High End Basins

In the high end range of portable salon basin there are products such as the JK Designs ‘Portable Shampoo Bowl’ which is much like the additions mentioned above but can also be mounted on a movable stand and have a waste tube attached so it can be used anywhere that drainage is available. The unit is made from very high quality plastic and you can be assured that it will last you for many years from your purchase. The unit sells for $169 which makes it one of the more expensive units on the market but its versatility definitely makes up for any negatives the price may bring around.





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