Portable Hair Wash Basin

Portable Hair Wash Basin

A portable hair wash basin is a product that can come in useful for many different reasons. If you are a travelling hair stylist you may not always have access to the ideal hair wash basin while on the road. Alternatively you may care for a disabled or impaired person who cannot easily access a bath tub or shower but either of these reasons, plus many that we have not covered can be easily solved using a portable hair wash basin. The trick is to find a model that works for the task you have in mind. You will have to take into account that each basin manufacturer uses its own design and materials for its end product so no two end products will ever be the same.

The EZ Shampoo Portable Hair Wash Basin

This product is solely aimed at those who care for the disabled or impaired and can be a great tool to simplify what is already a complicated care routine. The product retails for around $25 depending on where you buy so price wise it is also very appealing. In short the portable hair wash basin is an inflatable sink with a drainage pipe and stopper built in. the entire unit can simply be placed under your patient while they lay in bed and inflated for use. Made from hard wearing vinyl you can be assured that it will never fail when you need it.

When coupled with some of the great accessories that can also be bought it becomes and invaluable tool for those in the care industry. For example, you can purchase a portable water source to accompany your portable hair wash basin meaning you can help your patients feel clean and refreshed no matter what restrictions are placed on you by their location. All in all you can spend less than $60 and have an all in one solution for washing hair on the move.

The Wimex Portable Hair Wash Basin

Wimex have long been known as one of the top suppliers of portable hair care products and their portable hair wash basin is no different. The product not only looks great but serves the exact purpose that it is intended for. As far as features go the basin is about 18 x 18 inches on the inside so gives you plenty of room to work with. Attached to the back of the unit is a waste disposal unit which holds about 2.5 gallons of waste water but can also be replaced with a waste water pipe if a drain is available. You would think that such a product would have a massive price tag but it retails for a small $68 and makes a great addition to any travelling hair stylist’s arsenal.

With your intended purpose in mind and a bit of research you should be able to find the perfect portable hair wash basin to suit your needs and your budget. Take the time to look around and you should walk away a happy customer, able to wash hair no matter where you happen to be at the time!





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