Portable Backwash Basin

Portable Backwash Basin

When it comes to a portable backwash basin there is simply so much on offer that I can be a bit of a pain figuring out just which model would be ideally suited to the job you need it to do. Let us first begin by saying that no portable backwash basin is ever going to be exactly the same as the salon backwash basins that they have built in. What you should be looking for in a portable backwash basin is the versatility that is offer by the installed variants coupled with the mobility to move it anywhere that you may need it. While this may seem like an obvious thing to say there are many models out there that simply do not finish the job that they set out to achieve.

Portable Basins to Meet your Basic Needs

To begin with you need to ask yourself just how portable you need your backwash basin to be. For example, if you work from home and rarely travel you can get away with buy a much larger unit that is less mobile but has more features. A good example of this would be the ‘Lagoon Portable Backwash Basin: Move Edition’. The unit retails for around $68 and has all the functionality of a regular backwash basin.

Although there is not water supply built in a normal shower head will do the job perfectly. You have a choice when it comes to the drainage method as well, you can either use the attached backwash catcher which will hold up to 2.5 gallons or you can attach the supplied drainage hose and drop that into an available drain such as a bath tub. In the end it is a small investment for a great product that you will be able to use for years to come.

Increased Mobility with a Portable Basin

If your work is more of the home visit variety then you need a portable backwash basin that is easy to move and store. For this kind of task you should be looking at a product such as the ‘Betty Dain Neck-Eez Shampoo Bowl Neck Rest’ which is essentially a portable wash basin with a cut away for you clients neck which is padded for comfort. This unit retails at around $14.99 so you can easily fit one into your budget.

To make your styling that little bit easier there are products that simply attach to an existing basin to turn it into a backwash basin. As far as portable backwash basin design goes, these seem to be the most simple and the most cost effective. They retail for anything between $15 and $25 and come in varying sizes and colors. The advantage being that you can use almost any basin as a backwash basin. So even if your customer only has a basin that is accessible in the kitchen you can easily work around that. You may want to look into getting some kind of shower head attachment that can fit over most of the common tap designs as well since this may make your life of cutting hair on the road the little bit easier.





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