Types of Portable Basin

Types of Portable Basin

Although there are many reasons you may require a portable wash basin, the general concept behind them is that you should have access to a basin no matter where you are. There are many different types of portable basin items on the market and each model is often tailored to one specific type of use. The best way to ascertain which type of portable basin you will need to buy is to really look at what your requirements are and what you need your basin to do.

Washing your Hands on the Move

Of the many types of portable basin one of the most commonly seen is the portable hand washing station. These basins come in many different styles but have become very popular of ate because of the move by governments to promote the washing of hands in areas where you may not have access to clean or hot water but the transferring of germs is a possibility. Take for example the lunch room of a school, although the bathrooms have hot running water there are not many children who would run back to wash their hands once they have the prospect of hot food in front of them. In this case a portable wash basin would be an ideal solution.

Camping sites and outdoor activity areas are also common areas to see such basins. The Stallette2 for example, is a complete portable hand washing solution that comes complete with:

  • A water storage compartment,
  • A built in heater and
  • Holders for soaps and towels.


This type of unit retails at around $785 but the cost is far outweighed by the positive effect it can have on sanitation.

Hair Cutting Basin Solutions

Hair salons often have some issues in installing the correct plumbing for a permanent basin and as such choose to use one of the many types of portable basin designed specifically for hair salons. The most basic of designs is simply a basin shaped much like the usual salon basins that you see however there is no plumbing attached allowing for freedom of movement around the salon, or any other area you may be working in. These types of portable basin are popular with hairdressers who make house calls. This way they can offer their clients all of the comforts of the hair salon in their own homes.

These types of portable basin can usually be found at hair salon supply stores and are priced at around $70; they are usually mounted on a height adjustable stand that has wheels so getting them around is also fairly easy.

Portable Basin Materials

The last thing to consider when shopping for a portable basin is what material it should be made of. In general you will find that the plastic models are far cheaper but are often not as hard wearing as their metal counterparts. For those who prefer the metal models you will often get a choice of stainless steel or some kind of aluminum, choosing between one or the other is more than likely going to come down to price rather than the quality of the unit.




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